Mojo iPhone 12 Phone Case | Dylan Thomas Brooks
Mojo iPhone 12 Phone Case | Dylan Thomas Brooks

Mojo iPhone 12 Phone Case | Dylan Thomas Brooks


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Material PC
Thickness 0.8mm
Weight 9g
Unit 1 Piece


  • Designed For iPhone 12

Key Features

✅ Ultra-thin style designed for better grip feeling.

✅ Smooth PC material for comfy touch feeling and printing effect.

✅ Anti-slip side stripes & Lens-covering design, providing top security to your iPhone 12. 

ACIDMATH art and psychedelic Community born 7 years ago while I was still in University getting my Philosophy and English honours BA :)
Studied Art history and the philosophy of art, ethics, logic, Shakespeare, poetry, comic books, history, algebra,  
Wrote tons papers, meditated loads, worked hard and proved to myself I could be stoner college drop out and come back and get a solid degree and even close extremely close to teaching full time.
The first idea of acidmath becoming a art based business was about 2013-14. 2015-2019
The first iterations 
Full on solo mission featuring incredible daily contributions from wonderful designers and artists from around the world!

A lot of time has passed and Connecting with people based on an expression of creativity meant something special to me. 
I figured I could make communities based on interests and people made friends with each other :)
We're delighted to have such a fun time creating designs and sharing memes and answering questions everyday for our audience!

Now I design everyday for some of our wonderful artists and answer your emails hehe

Currently in Montreal!